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Rahul Gandhi Goes All Out Against Adani

Rahul Gandhi, a senior Congress leader, has vowed to keep questioning the business practices of industrialist Gautam Adani until the truth comes out, despite the expungement of his speech in Parliament. Gandhi accused Adani of working against the country by monopolizing the entire wealth and infrastructure of India and charged that the battle for the country’s freedom was against one company. He also alleged that the Adani Group has taken away wealth and ports from the country.

During the 85th plenary session of the Congress, Rahul Gandhi launched a scathing attack on the government and accused them of supporting Adani. He said that the party will continue to ask questions about the relationship between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Adani until the truth is revealed.

Hindenburg Research had accused the Adani Group of fraudulent transactions and share-price manipulation, but Adani Group dismissed the charges as lies, stating that they comply with all laws and disclosure requirements.

Rahul Gandhi comment comes amid increasing scrutiny of Adani’s business empire, which has expanded rapidly in recent years. Adani is one of the richest men in India, with interests in ports, airports, power plants, and other infrastructure projects.

The Congress has been critical of the government’s policies towards Adani and other corporate giants, accusing them of crony capitalism and favouring the rich at the expense of the poor. The party has also been vocal in its opposition to the government’s privatization drive, which it says will lead to the sale of public assets to private companies at throwaway prices.

Gandhi’s remarks are likely to further fuel the controversy surrounding Adani and his business dealings and could lead to more calls for a probe into his business empire. The government has, however, rejected allegations of favouritism towards Adani, saying that all its policies are based on merit and are in the best interests of the country

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