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Neal Mohan Indian-American to become the next CEO of YouTube

Neal Mohan, the current Chief Product Officer of YouTube, will be taking over as the next CEO of the platform after Susan Wojcicki, the current CEO of YouTube, announced her resignation from the video-sharing platform. She cited personal projects as the reason for her departure.

YouTube Creators were among the first to share the news on social media platforms, thanking Wojcicki for her contributions to the platform. Mohan is well-equipped for the role of CEO, having previously served as the Senior Vice President for Display and Video Ads at Google before joining YouTube.

Wojcicki’s message to her employees highlighted her gratitude for the incredible community of creators that have built the platform. Their stories of perseverance, creativity, and inspiration were a constant source of motivation and inspired her to be an advocate for the community. She recognized the importance of listening to feedback from the community, even when it was tough and candid, and acknowledged the importance of the team’s commitment to doing better.

In the same message, Wojcicki announced Neal Mohan as her successor, acknowledging his leadership abilities and his deep understanding of the YouTube community and its needs. Wojcicki plans to remain around the office to help Mohan transition into his new role and will serve as an advisor to Google and Alphabet.

Wojcicki’s departure marks a significant change in leadership for YouTube. During her tenure, she oversaw the platform’s growth from a small startup to one of the largest video-sharing platforms in the world. She has been instrumental in creating a vibrant community of creators that has brought together people from all over the world.

Neal Mohan, as the new CEO, will be responsible for the continued growth and success of YouTube. With his experience in display and video ads, he brings valuable insights and expertise to the platform. He is also known for his leadership skills and his commitment to the YouTube community.

The YouTube community is incredibly strong, and it is a testament to the dedication of the creators who make it possible. Wojcicki’s departure and Mohan’s appointment mark the beginning of a new era for the platform, one that will undoubtedly bring new opportunities and challenges. However, with the continued support of the community and the leadership of Neal Mohan, YouTube will continue to be a vibrant and vital part of the online ecosystem.

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