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Manish Sisodia Writes Letter from Jail on the Importance of Education in Indian Politics

Manish Sisodia, former Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, has written a letter from Tihar Jail, emphasising the critical importance of education in Indian politics. In his letter, he questioned why education has been sidelined despite its significance and the impact it can have on the country’s progress.

The Politics of Education Empowers the Nation

Manish Sisodia compared the politics of jail with the politics of education, highlighting that while it is easier to silence dissent through imprisonment, empowering every child through quality education is the key to the nation’s success. He stressed that the success of education in Delhi has influenced voters across the country, and even BJP-ruled states have started advertising education on TV.

Education and Politics Are Interconnected

Sisodia believes that education and politics are interconnected and that India’s future lies in the politics of education, not in the politics of jail. He stated that if every child receives an education and becomes a responsible citizen, the country will progress. However, he noted that the issue with the politics of education is that it requires a lot of effort to motivate children, parents, and teachers.

The Need for Leaders to Prioritise Education

Manish Sisodia also questioned why leaders in positions of power have not established excellent schools and colleges for the youth of the country. He mentioned instances where individuals were threatened with imprisonment for expressing dissent and highlighted the need to shift the focus to education.

Hope for the Future

Despite the dominance of the politics of jail in Indian political discourse, Manish Sisodia is hopeful that education will take the lead in the future. He concluded his letter with the hope that education will become a national priority, and that the politics of jail will be marginalised, resulting in jails starting to close down.

Update on the Case

Manish Sisodia has been sent to seven-day custody by a Delhi court on allegations of money laundering in connection with the excise policy case in the city. The Enforcement Directorate had requested 10-day custody for Sisodia, who was arrested by the agency from Tihar jail on Thursday. The court has also decided to hear Sisodia’s bail plea in the CBI case on March 21.

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