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Kejriwal targets govt over passage of farm Bills, lauds protest by suspended RS MPs

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Tuesday targeted the government over the passage of the “dangerous” farm Bills without division of votes in Rajya Sabha, while lauding the sit-in protest on the Parliament premises by the eight suspended MPs.

The eight Rajya Sabha members, including AAP MP Sanjay Singh, were suspended for the remaining part of the Monsoon Session over “unruly behaviour” during the passage of the farm Bills in the Upper House of Parliament.

The other MPs are Derek O’Brien (TMC), Rajeev Satav (Congress), Elamaram Kareem (CPI-M), K K Ragesh (CPI-M), Syed Nazir Hussain (Congress), Ripun Boren (Congress) and Dola Sen (TMC).

Since their suspension on Monday, the eight MPs have been holding a protest on the Parliament premises.

Kejriwal said these eight MPs were fighting for the rights of farmers without worrying about heat, mosquitoes or other inconveniences and have spent the night protesting in the Parliament complex.

“They are not asking for anything for themselves. They are fighting for democracy and the Constitution. They are struggling for the farmers of the country,” Kejriwal tweeted in Hindi.

Farmers across the country are saying that these laws will end them, he added.

“Such a dangerous Bill was passed without division of votes. Then what is the meaning of Parliament, what is the meaning of elections? If you have to pass the law this way, then why did you call a Parliament session,” Kejriwal asked in another tweet in Hindi.

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia compared the present government to the British colonial rulers.

“The British ruled the same way. They would commit atrocities on the farmers, labourers and businessmen. They would make black laws to perpetuate the atrocities. And when they met Gandhiji and other leaders, they (the British) would offer them tea. Our rulers are running the government in the same way still,” Sisodia said in a tweet in Hindi.

He was referring to Rajya Sabha Deputy Chairman Harivansh Singh offering tea to the protesting MPs in the morning.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi showered praises on Harivansh Singh for the gesture, saying his “inspiring” and “statesmanlike” conduct will make every democracy lover proud.

Responding to Modi’s tweet, Sanjay Singh said he was “humbly” returning the tea and requesting the government to return the farmers’ morsels.

“We are not fighting for our tea. We are fighting for the morsels of our farmers which you have taken away. I humbly request you – I am returning your tea with all due respect, please return our farmers’ morsel,” Singh tweeted. (PTI)

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