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Imran Khan Urges Supporters to Fight for Rights even if he’s Killed as Pakistani Police Seek Arrest

Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan has released a video message, calling on his supporters to fight for their rights even if he is jailed or killed. Khan, who is facing an arrest warrant in the Toshakhana corruption case, urged the people to hit the streets and prove that they will not accept slavery and the rule by one man.

In the video message, Imran Khan said, “The police have arrived to arrest me. They think that if Imran Khan goes to jail, the people will go to sleep. You have to prove them wrong. You have to prove that the qaum is alive.” He went on to say that he has fought all his life and will continue to do so, but if something happens to him, the people have to prove that they can fight without him.

Khan’s supporters had blocked the police from arresting him from his Lahore home last week, and he has been evading arrest since then. The 70-year-old cricket legend was found guilty by Pakistan’s election commission last year of unlawfully selling gifts that he received as prime minister from foreign dignitaries. Charges were filed, and the court issued an arrest warrant after Khan skipped several summon.

Khan’s party, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf, has been demanding a snap election, which his successor Shehbaz Sharif has rejected. Khan was ousted from office after he lost a trust vote last year.

The situation in Pakistan is concerning, and it is essential for the rule of law to prevail. While Imran Khan has the right to defend himself in court, he should not incite violence or encourage his supporters to break the law. It is also essential for the government to ensure that the arrest and trial process is fair and transparent.

Pakistan needs stability and unity to overcome its challenges, and all parties must work towards achieving these goals. It is time for politicians to put the interests of the country above their personal ambitions and come together for the betterment of Pakistan.

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