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Exit Polls Predict BJP Victory in Tripura and Nagaland, Tight Contest in Meghalaya

Exit polls for the recently held assembly elections in Tripura, Nagaland, and Meghalaya have predicted a clear victory for the BJP in Tripura and Nagaland, while a tight contest is expected in Meghalaya with the Conrad Sangma-led NPP likely to emerge as the single largest party.


The BJP contested 20 seats while the NDPP contested 40 seats under a seat-sharing agreement. The Congress fielded candidates from 23 seats while the NPP had contenders for 22 seats. According to exit polls, the BJP and its ally NDPP are expected to win 35 to 43 of the 60 assembly seats, with the Congress predicted to secure one to three seats and the Naga People’s Front predicted to secure two to five seats.


The BJP and its allies, the Congress, and the newly formed Tipra Motha contested the 60-member assembly in Tripura. All exit polls predicted that the Congress will garner zero seats, and on average, the Tipra Motha is predicted to gain around 12 seats. According to the India Today exit poll, the BJP is expected to win between 36 and 45 seats, while the Left is predicted to win six to 11 seats.


Meghalaya is likely to see a stiff contest with many of the exit polls predicting that the Conrad Sangma-led NPP will emerge as the single largest party. According to the Times Now-ETG Research exit poll, the NPP is expected to secure 18 to 26 seats, while the Trinamool Congress becomes the largest opposition party with eight to 14 seats. The Congress is projected to win two to five seats, while the BJP secures three to six seats.

Overall, these exit polls suggest that the BJP is likely to make a strong comeback in Tripura and Nagaland, while Meghalaya could see a fractured mandate with the NPP emerging as the single largest party. However, it’s important to note that exit polls are not always accurate and should be taken with a grain of salt. The actual results of the elections will be known on March 2, when the votes are counted.

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