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Congress: No Need for Rahul’s Apology, His Remarks Milder than Modi’s Abroad on Indian Democracy

The Congress party has refused to apologize over the demand made by the BJP for Rahul Gandhi’s critical comments about India’s democracy during his recent visit to the UK. According to Congress leader and Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor, Rahul Gandhi did not say anything that necessitates an apology. Tharoor argued that Gandhi expressed his concern over the state of Indian democracy and the attacks being made on it by the ruling government’s practices.

Tharoor also pointed out that Rahul’s comments were milder compared to what Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said in foreign countries. Modi has consistently attacked the Congress party, the previous government, and alleged lack of progress before his own tenure. According to Tharoor, it was the Prime Minister who initiated this kind of discourse abroad, not Congress.

The BJP has accused Rahul Gandhi of defaming the country by stating that Indian democracy is under attack and that leaders like him are constantly under surveillance. On Sunday, Prime Minister Modi, while speaking in Karnataka, accused some people sitting in London of having the audacity to put on trial the mother of all democracies and insult 130 crore fellow Indians.

Rahul Gandhi has hit back at these allegations, stating that the Prime Minister has consistently discredited the country’s achievements since its Independence. However, the BJP has not backed down from its demand for an apology and both Houses of Parliament adjourned on Tuesday over this issue.

Meanwhile, the opposition has kept up the pressure for a joint parliamentary probe into the Adani-Hindenburg issue. Despite these political tensions, it is important for the Indian government to prioritize the protection and strengthening of democracy in the country. The democratic values of free speech and open debate should be protected, and leaders on both sides should strive to maintain a constructive dialogue.

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