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BJP retains Tripura assembly with 32 seats; Tipra Motha emerges as new force

Manik Saha-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Tripura has won the assembly elections for the second time in a row, capturing 32 seats out of 60 in the state assembly. Despite stiff competition from new entrants such as the Tipra Motha and Trinamool Congress, the BJP-Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura alliance, which dethroned the Left government in 2018, has managed to keep its grip on the state.

The official results of the Tripura assembly elections have been released on the website of the Election Commission of India, indicating that the Left-Congress alliance has won 14 seats and the Tipra Motha has obtained 13 seats in its electoral debut. With its alliance partner winning eight seats, the BJP was able to maintain its advantage and secure a substantial majority in the assembly.

The BJP’s victory in Tripura is significant because it extends the party’s hold on the northeast region, where it has made steady inroads in recent years. The saffron party won the Manipur assembly elections in 2017, Tripura assembly in 2018, and the Assam assembly in 2021. The BJP’s triumph in Tripura is also a big blow for the Trinamool Congress, which had made a concerted effort to extend its presence in the state.

The Tipra Motha, a new political party formed by Pradyot Kishore Deb Barman, a former BJP ally, had emerged as a key factor in state politics. The party fought hard and succeeded in gaining 13 seats in its first assembly elections. However, it fell short of expectations and failed to create a state government. Yet, the Tipra Motha’s performance is considered a significant development in the state’s politics, as it has secured a big vote share and emerged as a prominent regional force.

The Left-Congress coalition, which was hoping to create a return in the state, has failed to make a substantial impression in the elections. The alliance has gained only 14 seats, down from 24 in the 2018 assembly elections. The failure of the Left-Congress alliance is a setback for the Left parties, which have suffered election defeats across the country in recent years.

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