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Beyond: Young HealthTech Startup – Driving AI into Healthcare in India

There’s a quiet health revolution brewing out of India. Beyond, a Bangalore-based healthtech startup has launched a pioneering AI that can change the way we manage our health and how healthcare is delivered to billions around the world.

This groundbreaking AI system, coined in August, promises not just to democratise access to expert health advice, but also personalise it, offering a degree of precision that simply was not possible before. They’re combining their proprietary health algorithms with the emerging Large Language Models (LLMs) to create a system that can act as your personal assistant for health. 

Founded by a cohort of IIT alumni and ex-Amazon professionals, Beyond’s been working on bringing this technology to life over the last year and they are currently testing it out with some early users, including doctors, pro-athletes and a wide range of health-conscious individuals.

India’s doctor-patient ratio, one of the world’s lowest, is a poignant testament to the desperate need for innovation in healthcare. August steps in to bridge this glaring gap, ensuring that quality medical advice is no longer a luxury but a standard right. The consistent positive feedback, combined with the growing trust in the system, underscores the high quality and reliability of the health advice provided.

Beyond envisions a future where August takes care of most of your health needs. From helping you understand your health, to figuring out the right doctor or intervention needed to even ordering your medicines for you, they see August becoming an invaluable part of a person’s life.

While the possibilities for what August can do are limitless, a large focus for them is on how August can meaningfully save lives. A few key features they are working on are helping with care for the elderly, raising early alarms to stave off adverse incidents like heart attacks and helping health enthusiasts looking to get healthier.

August has the potential to revolutionise healthcare access and personalised treatment could be the linchpin in shifting India from reactive to preventive healthcare. They’re currently running a waitlist and you can go sign up at their website www.getbeyondhealth.com today to be one of the first people to try this out.

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