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Beyond Key implements Comprehensive POSH Training Program to Foster a Safe Workplace for women

New Delhi, 23rd August 2023 : Beyond Key, a global IT consulting and software services company, has announced the implementation of the diversified programme, POSH Training at Workplace. In accordance with regulatory obligations, this initiative highlights Beyond Key’s commitment to upholding a reverent and secure environment for all of its team members. This extensive programme aims to develop a culture of inclusion and a supportive environment that empowers its female employees while promoting a harassment-free workplace.

Beyond Key acknowledges the significance of tackling workplace harassment as part of its endeavour to support the global fight for gender equality and safety. The programme ensures that all applicable laws and rules pertaining to sexual harassment of women at work are rigorously followed, keeping both employees and the organisation in compliance with the law. By fostering an atmosphere where everyone feels secure and confident to voice grievances, believing that their inputs will be addressed and acknowledged, Beyond Key seeks to empower its employees.

Even when they feel uncomfortable or violated, women frequently wonder if a certain behaviour qualifies as sexual harassment. Because of this, it’s critical that workers understand what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace and what doesn’t, as well as what is and isn’t appropriate.

Commenting on the initiation, Piyush Goel , CEO at Beyond Key, said, “At Beyond Key, we work hard to create an environment where each individual feels valued, secure, and respected“. Employees, in our opinion, are an organization’s most valuable asset, so strengthening them should be a top focus for every company. By implementing mandatory POSH training, we hope to provide our staff with the skills they need to identify and stop any sort of sexual misconduct.

The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal) Act, 2013, popularly known as the POSH Act, was passed by the Indian government in 2013. The Act holds an organisation and the employer accountable for taking action to stop sexual harassment situations at work. The POSH Act must be followed by every organisation, and this includes providing training to staff members regarding the same.

Beyond Key has concentrated on developing scalable software solutions that go above and beyond for its clients. They have been using the appropriate technologies to work more quickly and provide their customers with pleasing solutions. Offering cutting-edge technology while keeping up with the changing market dynamics is the company’s mission.

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